Friday, 10 December 2010

Straight Guy Circle Jerk VIDEO!

I posted the images for this hot scene before, but I had to give you the video too. Check it out as these four straight guys stroke their cocks around the table, watching each other, checking out the other guys stroking, and getting really turned on by the scene around them.

These guys may be straight, but they show an immense interest in watching their other straight buddies stroking their own uncut cocks.

Andy is the biggest, and by the end he's gotten himself so horny when he shoots his cum load it splashes out in all directions across that glass table, coating it in his hot jizz. The other guys seem amazed, but at least one cock that has already shot its load shows more interest and stays rock hard and seemingly ready to go again with all this hot uncut cock and cum splashing on show!

If you've never found a reason to spend some cash on a membership to a porn site, watching these straight guys jerking off with each other is certainly a great reason to invest a little cash!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Straight Guy Circle Jerk

It's a simple plan; get four straight guys in a room and pay them to jerk off for the camera. That's all you really need to do. But what you get in return is a hot video of those four straight guys comparing their dicks, commenting about their straight buddies massive cock (Andy!) and watching each other stroke their hard poles around a glass table.
It's so hot to see four straight guys enjoying their dicks, while watching another dude enjoying his. And it's even hotter to see straight guys watching a buddy while he shoots a massive load of hot cum across the table!
Lets be honest, most straight guys are turned on by watching another dude stroking his shaft and shooting his cum load!

straight guys jerking off together 

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Straight Buddies Andy & Bailey Wank Together

Straight buddies Andy and Bailey are good mates, but they've never wanked their hard cocks in front of each other before. Not surprisingly, they spend the shoot checking each other out. It's always great to see two mates able to share their favorite hobby, and it's never a surprise to me to see them enjoying the sight of their close mate tugging on his long hot cock either!

Check out our new project!

If you know me at all (and I think you do) I write A LOT, just not all in one place :)

I thought I'd let you all know that I recently started a new project with Conran Thomas,

We discuss everything from wanking tips to heterosexuality to Seven Pints. You can follow us on Twitter and you can even get direct access to my ebook Seven Pints too!
I hope you'll check it out.

And yes, this blog will keep going. :)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Interview with Conran Thomas

I recently conducted an interview with Conran Thomas, author of "Seven Pints - Heterosexual Men and the Male/Male Mutual Masturbation Fetish."

The book discusses male friendship, mutual masturbation, fetish and offers the results of several surveys of hundreds of heterosexual men from around the world.

Luke: What is Seven Pints and how did you come to start writing it?

Conran: Seven Pints is my attempt to lay it all out there in a digestible manner. We all have assumptions about sexuality, and most men stick to labels that are really not adequate when it comes to defining their sexual desires. I’m a member of a few forums and there was a constant theme where men who describe themselves as heterosexual defend their right to enjoy watching other guys wanking. Then inevitably another straight guy would arrive to tell them they are at least Bisexual if they like that. I had a theory that I wanted to test and asking a few hundred straight guys some questions seemed the right way to prove that theory.

Luke: What was the theory?

Conran: My theory was based on Kinsey’s ideas about the “gray areas” between gay, bi and straight. More directly I believed there were fetishes for male masturbation, dick in general, ejaculation and so on. Most of these straight guys who were talking about wanting to do things with other guys seemed to limit it to wanking, or at the very most oral. It seemed to be primarily a fetish for this sexual act or a fetish for cock specifically, combined with a desire for that friendship we all had as a teenager, where you could just get your cock out in front of a mate and stroke it.


The Cock Column - "Foreskin"

Posted in a forum...

"I've always had a problem with my foreskin, or lack of it to be exact. I live in the UK and I always felt different because all the other guys in school had foreskins and I didn't.
I even asked my mum when I was fourteen why my dick was different to my friends, and she said that when I was very young doctors told her it should be removed because it was too tight.
My parents are pretty cool folks and they actually apologized, saying that they never would have agreed to it unless it was absolutely necessary, which I appreciate.

I've avoided wanking with other guys since I was a teen because it was commented on and I became very self-conscious about it. I really want a friend to watch porn and wank with but I've only been looking for other cut guys in my area so I wouldn't feel weird. It's really difficult, and it's already hard enough to find other guys who just want to wank.
But while I'm doing this, I've also been thinking about growing it back. I've searched and all I can find are people selling some gadgets that look very primitive and probably don't work.

Can you help me out?"

This is actually a really common situation these days. More and more circumcised men are seeking foreskin restoration.
The main market for this is in the USA where circumcision is widely practiced needlessly.

There are a few things that you should know.

Mainly, this is considered "Body Modification". You've seen people with "flesh tunnels" in their ears right? If not, flesh tunnels are piercings that are stretched with a ring, replaced routinely with a larger size until the desired diameter is reached. Basically you pierce your ear and make the hole bigger over time.
You've also probably seen pictures of those tribal women in remote regions who stretch their necks over time by adding rings.

Both examples are evidence to show that foreskin restoration, ball stretching and penis enlargement without surgery are completely possible and that using similar processes will work.

When it comes to the foreskin, you need to consider what you have to work with. Some men are less lucky and have the foreskin cut so close to the shaft that they have nothing loose to work with. Stretching in this case is more difficult and the resulting foreskin created will likely be thicker. But it's still possible with dedication.

All you really need to do is find a method to pull whatever foreskin you have forward and secure it into position.
One of the best methods I have seen is to use a marble and stretch the skin from the shaft over it, securing it in place with some surgical tape.

I would really recommend just seeing how those expensive gadgets work and creating a home-made effort to fulfill the same purpose. It's not difficult and I have created some basic methods for use myself for stretching mine.

You just need a little creativity and little imagination (and usually surgical tape!)

Good luck.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Cock Column - "Am I Cheating?"

Another question by email...

"I'm 38, married, and always lived a happy straight life.
I had a few experiences when I was about 16 or 17, but don't we all? It was only wanking with a mate while we were watching porn, and it was only a handful of times.

After that I never really gave it any thought. I like watching guys in porn, and I can really get off on a well hung bloke pounding some pussy and then shooting his load. But I'd never really call myself even bisexual.

My problem is that I'm now in one of those friendships again, but I'm married. I love my wife very much, and our sex life is fantastic.
A few months ago I offered to help a guy on our football team move house. He recently split from his girfriend and had to move out short notice. So I offered use of my van.

We moved his stuff and at the end of the day I stuck around in the new flat to help him set up his tech. So when we were done we were testing it all out and he put a porno on.
I don't see a whole lot of porno, with the Mrs and the kids around all the time it's not to easy.
So we had a few pints and one thing led to another and before I knew it we were both sat there on his sofa with our dicks out wanking away!

I have to admit it was great, and I thought of my mate when I was a teen and wondered why I'd stopped doing this with mates.

We've done it every week since that first night, and since our last meet we swap hands too. It really does feel good to hold his thick dick in my hand, and to have him stroking mine.
Like I said, I love my wife and would never leave her. But there's something really comfortable about doing this with my mate and I don't want to stop it.

So what do you think, is it cheating? Should I stop? Should I tell her?"

This is actually quite a common dilemma amongst mutual male strokers who happen to be straight.

And, in al honesty, there is no real answer that could cover every relationship. It's all down to the limits of your relationships and whether you think it is cheating, whether you think she'd be upset, or whether you think she'd understand.
In reality, if she's an intelligent woman, she'll understand you both wanking together to porn and not be particularly worried. Swapping hands may be different though. Most women would see this as a step too far and a question of sexuality. We know it might be a fetish thing and doesn't actually mean you're gay or bi, but most people can't get their heads around this.

Ultimately it is your decision. If you know she'd be upset by something you are doing with another person, then theoretically it is cheating. But if you view it as just two guys being mates and sharing a hobby, then maybe there's no reason to discuss it with her at all. I mean, it's not like you're going to run off with the guy and have a civil ceremony!
It's just two blokes doing together something that they would normally do in private. But again, if you are concerned perhaps you need to lay off the swapping of hands until you're either able to confront the Mrs and explain your friendship, or come to some conclusion in your own mind about what is acceptable in a marriage.

No one else can give you permission to continue this friendship. You have to make the decisions here and decide what is right for you and her. All I can do is suggest what I think, and I don't think it's something you need to trouble her with.
I may be right, I may be wrong, but two straight guys sharing a wank is not something that really needs discussing with a female partner, IMO. Swapping hands... that's your call.